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There once were two people whose lives intersected three times…and after the third meeting, they vowed to live happily ever after.Intersection #1: There once was a boy whose family had a church in Hartford, CT. There once was a girl whose neighbor took her and her brother to that church from the time she was 6 to 10 years old. The boy and girl were not friends because all good little girls knew boys have Cooties!

Intersection #2: In the late 80’s and early 90’s the girl met the boy again when they worked at the same company–but did not realize it was the boy from church. The girl had a major crush on the boy and made all of her friends stalk him. One of the girl’s friends even convinced the boy to take the girl in a date. He did. There was no love connection and they both went on with their lives and married other people, had children and 25 years later were both single.

Intersection #3: While single the girl had a series of bad dates while online dating. The boy was having similar challenges in the dating realm. On New Years Day 2014, the girl noticed a new guy on the site. She read his profile, liked it, and sent him a wink-not realizing it was The Boy–he had just joined the site that day! The boy responded immediately. After a couple of phone conversations, they went on a date. And then another date the next day. They knew that they were meant to be together and fell in love.

Even though they were uncertain of the future, on New Years Eve 2014 the boy asked the girl to marry him and the girl said YES! In December, the girl and boy always wanted to start their own business. Both of their corporate experience leading people and work processes gave them confidence that they could be successful business owners. The boy was a huge coffee fan and the girl loved the boy. :-).

They agreed they would open a coffee shop. They flew off to Portland, OR and were trained as baristas (a fancy schmancy name for coffee makers). They had a naming contest for the shop (thanks to all who submitted ideas) and they took a combination of the suggestions and named the shop Berkins Blend Cafe. The Boy’s last name is Bar(ber) and the Girl’s last name is Haw(kins). They combined the ends of their last names and added Blend since they will be getting married this summer and “Blending” their families, blending coffee beans and making blended soft drinks. Their three daughters Maya, Halle and Jayda think this is the most ridiculous thing ever–which means they will think it’s so cool when they grow-up! The future is so bright for them and their family and they could not be happier. They want you to come enjoy the comfy space in the shop and use the technology (Internet, Monitors, USB and power sources)–oh–and have some coffee or tea too. :-) – Doug & Andréa

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